The Art of Procrastination

Procrastination meaning to defer/delay an action. Or in other words, what you’re doing right now.

I would consider myself a master at this particular art form, I have lots of experience. In fact, for the past 2 months I would have spent around 23 hours a day procrastinating as I have been on “study” leave while I revise for exams. I put study in quotation marks because although that is the ultimate aim, that doesn’t really happen. So to pass on my knowledge I have made my-

Top 5 ways to procrastinate:

1) Planning- I find myself planning to study more often than not, using the simple excuse, “That’s counts as revision right?” When really all I’ve achieved is meticulously planning out a rigorous revision schedule with timed tea breaks that I’m never going to follow. I even plan in extra planning time.

2) Procrastibaking- This word should be added to the dictionary as it is so commonly executed. It involves making any number of delicious things to consume at a later date. (Or help out with point 3!) I find myself spending hours crafting intricate sponge cakes and decorating them carefully or the cutest cupcakes with so much gaudy icing you’d get a headache just looking at them. Nevertheless I would consider this one of the most enjoyable forms of procrastination. Featured is the aftermath of one of my successful procrastibaking sessions.

3) Comfort Eating- It’s a must. The guilty feeling that comes as a consequence of procrastination can cleverly be masked by eating all the yummiest things you can find. Stress eating is never a good move but it’s so necessary! Eating Ben & Jerry’s and all my procrastibakes just makes me feel better. (Plus it means I can put off revising for longer!)

4) Cleaning Things- If my mum saw this one, she’d laugh her head off. I am one of the messiest people you’ll find! But desperate times call for desperate measures. I find an ingenious method of wasting time that should be spent doing useful things is disassembling my floordrobe, spending hours doing the dishes and having a big sort out of everything I own.

And last but definitely not least…

5) BloggingI’m fairly new to this custom but I can tell it’ll definitely be a whopping big slice of the pie chart showing time I spend putting crucial tasks off. But it’s fun right? And do I really need to be doing all these things? Probably, yes. But oh well, I’ll just eat a great big piece of procrastibaking chocolate cake and be done with it.