The complications with usernames.

As a new blogger on wordpress (is that spelt with a capital or no capital?- I can tell this will take some getting used to) it asked me to complete the almost impossible task of choosing a username that:

a) I will remember.

(Which is quite a challenge seeing as I have so many different usernames and passwords for the multitude social networking sites which are demanded of me from the 16 year-old youth that I call my friends.)

b) Is not already taken.

(Being quite late to jump onto the bandwagon that is blogging, I found that every single thing I typed into the username box had already been taken and, wanting to remain anonymous, there was nothing I could find that didn’t contain random numbers or incorrect spelling that I was remotely likely to remember.)

c) Doesn’t make me sound like an absolute idiot.

(This I find the hardest of the criteria. After the first hundred or so decent usernames are gone people start having to delve into the embarrassing depths of: incorporating numbers in the place of letters; for example “AL1C3” , surrendering and choosing words that have no significance to themselves or one another; “Cheesy Hoover” or, the worst offender, embracing a childhood nickname or an alter-ego; like “Missbootiful” or “gembug”. Which, naturally, I didn’t fancy being associating with.)

After debating all the possible words or phrases that I did or did not want connected with myself I decided to keep it anonymous, and what easier than using the username ‘Anonymous’. But, of course, this was taken. Minutes later, after spending much time using, I found the only username that followed this train of thought and hadn’t already been taken: Pseudo-Pseudonymous, in normal language I think this translates to “A fake using a fake name”.

Unfortunately, I had had enough time laboring with a compulsory classification for myself and decided to stick with this. However, this means I have stuck with a username that, although isn’t already taken, I will inevitably forget and does make me sound like an idiot. After deciding to try to avoid using my own name, to evade hours of giving myself an alter-ego, and confirming the horrific name that is “pseudopseudonymous” I typed my own name into the box out of curiosity. Imagine my frustration when I found out it was available.