Disproving Stereotypes.

Whilst revising for my GCSE German exam the other day I came across something that I was quite shocked about. Apparently, a well known stereotype of Britons is that we’re notoriously bad cooks. When sharing this information with other people it came as news to nobody but everyone seemed surprised I didn’t know or realise.

Researching into this more I discovered why I seemed to think the British were well known for their good food:

I live in a small village, population just short of 8,500, but it is not uncommon at all to see tourists walking through the village whilst visiting the local restaurants. There are 5 restaurants in the heart of the village- 2 pubs,1 Italian celebrity chef’s restaurant and 2 three-Michelin-starred restaurants. It is quite unlikely that 2 out of the 4 three-Michelin-starred eateries in the UK would be situated in a small village where nothing much goes on. (But we do happen to possess a vicar whom a famous hymn was written about!!) This makes the ratio of people to 3 star restaurants 1:4213 which is higher than any other place in the world! (I think- if my research is correct) Paris having a ratio of 1:728405 and Tokyo slightly worse at 1:853666.

So if this record is held in such an insignificant little village in the UK then we can’t really be bad cooks can we? I will admit that one of the restaurants is French, but still, the statistic stands. Point proven.