Starbucks drink your heart out!

Ever had one of those fruit frappuccino blends from Starbucks?

They are absolutely delicious (in my humble opinion)! I went through a phase of buying them, every time I passed a Starbucks and had a little time to spare, and I spent so much money! Little did I know I could make my own, which I think tastes better, and without even leaving my house and I’m going to pass on my superior recipe to you!

You need: A handful of frozen raspberries, a handful of frozen mango, a few lugs of apple juice and a smoothie maker/blender.


To make the frappuccino chuck the frozen fruit into the blender and add enough apple juice so that the fruit is fully submerged. Turn the blender on and let the machine do it’s work! Turn off when all the mixture is fully blended and there are no lumps of frozen fruit left in the mix.