Big List of Things to Do this Summer.

  1. Make a big list – 12/07/11
  2. Finish all my exams – 27/06/11
  3. Go to my first prom – 30/06/11
  4. Go to Wimbledon and see some brilliant tennis -29/06/11
  5. Go to at least one concert – 03/07/11
  6. Make a penny mirror – 07/07/11
  7. Start a blog – 18/06/11
  8. Write a song
  9. Take some amazing photos
  10. Get a tan
  11. Discover some new music
  12. Tone my bum!
  13. Learn to make a new recipe
  14. Tie Dye!
  15. Meet some new people
  16. Complete a Rubik cube – 26/07/11
  17. Have a proper picnic
  18. Go vintage shopping – 27/07/11
  19. See some London sights
  20. Write a poem(s) – 10/07/11
  21. Find a new hobby
  22. Complete a 5k run without dying
  23. Revamp some old clothing
  24. Sew something from scratch
  25. Finish furnishing my bedroom
  26. Découpage something
  27. Enter a competition and win
  28. Get good exam results (optional!)
  29. Go to a festival
  30. Read 5 books from my reading list for next year
  31. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
  32. Learn to play tennis and win a match
  33. See someone famous
  34. Write a short story
  35. Draw/Paint something/someone
  36. Redecorate a room
  37. Learn (or attempt to learn) to juggle
  38. Watch a whole season of a rubbish TV show
  39. Go to the beach
  40. Watch the top 10 films of all time (by IMDb)
  41. Go to the theatre
  42. Have some sort of driving lesson/experience
  43. Have a complete room sort out
  44. Visit a museum/gallery
  45. Make a playlist entitled “The soundtrack of my life”
  46. Draw a self-portrait
  47. Learn all 50 states of America (although I do not live there)
  48. Buy some new headphones
  49. Document my time fulfilling this list
  50. Complete all 50 items on “Big list of things to do this summer”
Okay, so I’ve already completed quite a few of these! But that by no means I’m going to get anywhere near to doing everything. I’m going to try to blog as much as possible when completing this list and I’ll update it when I’ve done something.

The Art of Procrastination

Procrastination meaning to defer/delay an action. Or in other words, what you’re doing right now.

I would consider myself a master at this particular art form, I have lots of experience. In fact, for the past 2 months I would have spent around 23 hours a day procrastinating as I have been on “study” leave while I revise for exams. I put study in quotation marks because although that is the ultimate aim, that doesn’t really happen. So to pass on my knowledge I have made my-

Top 5 ways to procrastinate:

1) Planning- I find myself planning to study more often than not, using the simple excuse, “That’s counts as revision right?” When really all I’ve achieved is meticulously planning out a rigorous revision schedule with timed tea breaks that I’m never going to follow. I even plan in extra planning time.

2) Procrastibaking- This word should be added to the dictionary as it is so commonly executed. It involves making any number of delicious things to consume at a later date. (Or help out with point 3!) I find myself spending hours crafting intricate sponge cakes and decorating them carefully or the cutest cupcakes with so much gaudy icing you’d get a headache just looking at them. Nevertheless I would consider this one of the most enjoyable forms of procrastination. Featured is the aftermath of one of my successful procrastibaking sessions.

3) Comfort Eating- It’s a must. The guilty feeling that comes as a consequence of procrastination can cleverly be masked by eating all the yummiest things you can find. Stress eating is never a good move but it’s so necessary! Eating Ben & Jerry’s and all my procrastibakes just makes me feel better. (Plus it means I can put off revising for longer!)

4) Cleaning Things- If my mum saw this one, she’d laugh her head off. I am one of the messiest people you’ll find! But desperate times call for desperate measures. I find an ingenious method of wasting time that should be spent doing useful things is disassembling my floordrobe, spending hours doing the dishes and having a big sort out of everything I own.

And last but definitely not least…

5) BloggingI’m fairly new to this custom but I can tell it’ll definitely be a whopping big slice of the pie chart showing time I spend putting crucial tasks off. But it’s fun right? And do I really need to be doing all these things? Probably, yes. But oh well, I’ll just eat a great big piece of procrastibaking chocolate cake and be done with it.