One Life Ambition Down, Plenty More To Go!

Okay, so I have a lot of ridiculous life ambitions, but today I actually completed one of them.

The Rubix Cube, the world’s favourite puzzle toy notoriously hard to solve. I’ve had one sitting around for years, scrambled beyond anyone’s help, but I’ve always wanted to crack it. I looked it up on Youtube and obviously their were a thousand of different videos trying to teach you how but, after sifting through a few, I found Robh0629’s 7 step method by far the easiest to grasp.

My finished cube

Also for those who like to cheat:



8 thoughts on “One Life Ambition Down, Plenty More To Go!

  1. Very nice 🙂
    I never could do those. I never thought to Google it… I will go buy one and try it.
    10 – 1 I still can’t do it… who’s in?

  2. I saw a TV show were this couple from China could do all these awesome tricks with the Cube. They could -together- hold one cube and solve it, they could mix and arrange cubes and stack them to form a pixelated-looking Mona Lisa… it was radical!

  3. Man! I never could solve a rubix cube! I never thought about checking for tutorials on You Tube. Maybe there is hope for me yet!!!!

  4. Best thing I ever saw was in China last year with my pals, walked past a random shop that had a load of junk in a basket, my mate just picked up a Rubiks cube, completed it in 3 minutes and put it down, the shop owner amazed by this let him keep it!

    It annoys me that I can’t do it despite his efforts to try and show me. It’s just figuring out the formulas I suppose.

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