A love-affair with a superbrand

My family of 5 own 11 apple products, which isn’t too many, but enough to show to a genuine devotion to the brand. I’m not sure what it is, but there is a certain something about a handful of brands that awards them with a string of followers, thus making them a superbrand, Apple included. I would consider myself as one of these followers, not particularly hardcore, but I’ve always loved the products apple makes and everything about the company. Until recently…

For my birthday in March I desperately needed a new phone and, of course, I had my mind set on the latest apple model. I knew it cost a ridiculous amount, which I would heavily have to subsidise to cover the expense. But hey, It would be worth it right!? The next two months were bliss, I could not imagine how I ever survived without this phone, my whole life was on that device. However, me being so clumsy, the inevitable happened. It was on my lap one minute, and the next it was lying face down on the concrete. I was so angry at myself for being stupid enough to let it happen but, not wanting to accept blame, I was quickly shifting some of that anger towards Apple.

(Why were those damn screens made of glass that was so easy to break!?)

Having no insurance and Apple’s warranty not covering accidental damage, I was forced to go into the shop on a trip to London to see how I could get it repaired. Filled with resentment for the brand as I walked into the shop I noticed bad things I’d never seen before about the firm. Why were their shops always horribly crowded? Why were their staff always annoyingly cheerful? and Why didn’t their stupid warranty cover accidental damage? (Although in the back of my mind I knew that it was my fault really.) I began to see Apple as a big, greedy, money-hungry corporation rather than the cosy, cool, down-to-earth brand I had envisioned before.

We were told by the woman referring us to a specific techie that the phone would cost £139 to replace and we’d have to wait 20 minutes because they were running late. I was furious. On top of all the money I’d already paid for the stupid phone I was having to pay another outrageous amount. I was so infuriated with myself but I channelled this into researching iPhone 4 screens cracking on the near iPad. I felt better (and increasingly smug) when I discovered all the bad press Apple had been getting for making the screens too easily smashed. Anyhow, all these feelings quickly disappeared when we met our techie Steve who introduced himself as our glamorous assistant, fairy godmother would actually be more appropriate for what he did for us! After a quick conversation consisting of flashy smiles and sympathetic coos when displaying the damage, he said as long as I promised to take care of my new phone, he’d give me it free of charge! I was so shocked and in awe frankly, my faith was restored. THIS is exactly why I loved the brand. The back of my mind was telling me that this was a publicity stunt. That they’d purposefully made the screens easily broken so that they’d replace the phones for free and make their customers love them even more. To be honest, I couldn’t care less, after a brief tiff me and apple had seen eye to eye and my unrequited love was restored.


5 thoughts on “A love-affair with a superbrand

  1. I too love Apple and own an iPhone4, and have been lucky enough not to have dropped it on the concrete. Saying that, however, I did drop it in the grass yesterday and then drove over it in a golf cart! Other than a bit of a tire tread printed on the back of my pink case – it was completely fine. Lucky me. 🙂

  2. Interesting… why don’t they cover accidental damage? Does that mean that your can damage a phone on purpose and claim the warranty?

    Big companies frighten me…

    • Haha, that’s a fair point. Basically the warranty covers any technical problems with the fault which is their fault, if you do any damage to the phone they’re not interested.

  3. I know what you mean…I have an ‘apple-friendly’ household too and absolutely love their products. But that was really a lucky break to have your phone entirely replaced 🙂

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