The Wonders of Wimbledon

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to witness the men’s quarter finals of the most famous tennis grand slam, Wimbledon. After a long night of queuing, and very little sleep, I got my wristband for court 1 and watched: Nadal V. Fish and Djokovic V. Tomic. The matches were brilliant and, due to my brilliant seats, I managed to take some decent photos.

No. 1

Sizing up the competition

Serving to an anxious stadium

Hardcore Fans

Gentlemen’s Handshake

Signature Move

Rafa’s Killer Serve


A Much Needed Refreshment

Fish Bouncing Back





4 thoughts on “The Wonders of Wimbledon

  1. Great phots. I’m not a big tennis fan, and I know what Wimbeldon is, so it’s probably something really big. Congratiolations on these seats.

    You really are a very good photographer ^^

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