The complications with usernames.

As a new blogger on wordpress (is that spelt with a capital or no capital?- I can tell this will take some getting used to) it asked me to complete the almost impossible task of choosing a username that:

a) I will remember.

(Which is quite a challenge seeing as I have so many different usernames and passwords for the multitude social networking sites which are demanded of me from the 16 year-old youth that I call my friends.)

b) Is not already taken.

(Being quite late to jump onto the bandwagon that is blogging, I found that every single thing I typed into the username box had already been taken and, wanting to remain anonymous, there was nothing I could find that didn’t contain random numbers or incorrect spelling that I was remotely likely to remember.)

c) Doesn’t make me sound like an absolute idiot.

(This I find the hardest of the criteria. After the first hundred or so decent usernames are gone people start having to delve into the embarrassing depths of: incorporating numbers in the place of letters; for example “AL1C3” , surrendering and choosing words that have no significance to themselves or one another; “Cheesy Hoover” or, the worst offender, embracing a childhood nickname or an alter-ego; like “Missbootiful” or “gembug”. Which, naturally, I didn’t fancy being associating with.)

After debating all the possible words or phrases that I did or did not want connected with myself I decided to keep it anonymous, and what easier than using the username ‘Anonymous’. But, of course, this was taken. Minutes later, after spending much time using, I found the only username that followed this train of thought and hadn’t already been taken: Pseudo-Pseudonymous, in normal language I think this translates to “A fake using a fake name”.

Unfortunately, I had had enough time laboring with a compulsory classification for myself and decided to stick with this. However, this means I have stuck with a username that, although isn’t already taken, I will inevitably forget and does make me sound like an idiot. After deciding to try to avoid using my own name, to evade hours of giving myself an alter-ego, and confirming the horrific name that is “pseudopseudonymous” I typed my own name into the box out of curiosity. Imagine my frustration when I found out it was available.


7 thoughts on “The complications with usernames.

  1. Welcome to WordPress. That’s 2 capitals, if you are still enquiring. It is seriously hard to find a unique blog name and username. I believe it took me an hour to come up with a blog name that wasn’t taken and another hour to rattle my head for a username. I as well was going through as well as google translate. If the name couldn’t be in English, then it might as well be in French. It definitely sounds better in French!

    Good day!

  2. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who had serious trouble with the situation! Never thought of the different language thing… good idea! I might actually do that, although that would require me to actually think of a decent title. Better clear my schedule this will take some serious time!

  3. O, I had luck on that one. Used one of my chracters’ name: Dew Nestry.
    I guess you can that’s an alter-ego, though.

    Good luck with the blog! I just started a similiar one myself.

  4. I had to stick with a name which even I don’t understand! I don’t see the need to change that right now, as long as I remain anonymous.. Good luck with your writing, have fun!

  5. This made me smile. I too, have a difficult time deciding on which words I want representing me in form of a Title or Username. Strangely enough, my real name is usually available, except on Gmail, which was the one time I was willing to use my real name for any kind of address. Go figure.

  6. I am a couple months late responding to this blog but I just stumbled across it and being a new blogger myself I felt compelled to comment..

    I have wanted to start a blog forever… My first few posts will be what I consider “safe” entries” but I plan to dive deeper into controversial type entries – what if type musings etc. I was hoping a genius easy to remember username and title would just magically spring into my head and also be available.

    The hardest part of creating a public blog was and still is for me a username and title – so after brainstorming and trying names over and over again only to find that the name was taken I went to my default username.. It is the name I use for everything internet from email to facebook to random websites and now to blogging..

    Will I keep this username forever? I just might.

    BTW I like your user name – I really do =-)

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